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Idunna's Grove

Within the Garth of the Gods, 

sweet fruit grown by innocence,

brings forth renewals' gold,

futures' promise,

ever green.







Precious little is known of the Goddess Išunna.  She is mentioned in the "Gylfaginning", the one story of Loki kidnapping her and stealing her apples to fulfill an obligation to the giant Thiassi.  There is however, much information which can be inferred or which is anecdotal.  We know that she is referred to as being married with Bragi, who resides in Valhal.  We also know that she was mentioned as serving drink at Valhal.  With these references we may infer that she lives with her husband in Valhal. 

There is reference to her in "Ošin's Korpgalder" which states that she is the grand daughter of Ivalde (Hunt-Anschütz) who is referenced in Snorri Sturlison's "Haustlong" as father of those that built Freys ship.   Išunna is daughter of the Dark Elves or Dwarves.  She was named by the Elves as were Frey and Freya.  It could be concluded that she therefore is Vanir and may be full sister to Frey and Freya.

The following are links to references which help shed light upon this little known Goddess who keeps the Gods eternal and without whom they wither and age.


Išunna's Trees     A New story of Loki trying to steal Idunna's apples.

Išuna    Yugoslavian Site (not in english).

Edgeongan Bede   Old English Prayer to Išunna.

IŠUNN    Listings in the Poetic Edda.

Išun Questions and Answers    An in depth investigation of the lineage of the Goddess Išun.

Our thanks to The Viking Answer Lady who helped us track down much of the information on Išunna's Hall.




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